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Ark Survival Evolved & Ark Survival Ascended Custom Recipes.

This code will work on Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch & PC through Nitrado or Gportal and can be used for a single server or for an entire cluster.


We will customize your recipes exactly how you want them!


Please download and fill out the .DOCX file that is included in this service and send it to


After we code your server, we will email you both the "GameUserSettings.ini" and "Game.ini" codes in a .ZIP folder. To access the codes, the files need to be extracted from the .ZIP folder. Open the text files to copy and Paste them directly into your Nitrado server 'Expert Settings'.


See our FAQ if you are unsure how to do this.

This product is non-refundable once we start the process.*Due to high demand, please give us 12-72 hours to setup/update servers or make custom codes. We are working as fast as we can!

All products are sold in USD.

Custom Recipes

  • We can change the recipe costs of most items in Ark. 


    • Kibble - 1 FIber
    • Coloring Dyes - 1 Charcoal
    • Medical Brew - 1 Crystal
    • etc.