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This Ark Survival Ascended code adds custom items to Loot Drops, Cave Drops, Beaver Dams & All Bosses for all maps. These drops do include Berrybush Seeds (BBS).

This code will work on Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch & PC through Nitrado or Gportal and can be used for a single server or for an entire cluster.


  • Pairs well with our custom Fibercraft Servers.

You will recieve this "Game.ini" file in a .DOCX file form. Copy and Paste it directly into your the Game.ini portion of your Nitrado or Gportal server settings.

See our FAQ if you are unsure how to do this.

All products are sold in $USD.

ASA Very Boosted Drops + Bosses (All Maps)

  • There are 10-20 Berrybush Seeds (BBS), 1000 Element & 50 Gasoline included in every drop.

    Loot Drops Include:

    • White - Metal Buildings, Taming Starter, Tek & Flak Gear
    • White with Ring - Tek Housing, Tek Replicator, Tek Generator, Cryofridge, Turrets, Tools (50% Chance for BP)
    • Green - 30 Random Saddles
    • Green with Ring - 15 Random Saddle BPs
    • Blue - All Player & Dino Consumables
    • Blue with Ring - All Ammo, Random Armor (Fur, Ghillie, Chitin, etc.) with 50% Chance of BP
    • Purple - All Weapons (50% Chance for BP), All Ammo
    • Purple with Ring - Artifacts, Chibis, Skins, Random Tek Gear
    • Yellow - Flak & Riot Armor
    • Yellow with Ring - Flak & Riot Armor BPs
    • Red - Tek Buildings, Tek Trough, Tek Storage, Tek Gear, Tek Weapons, 100 BBS
    • Red with Ring - ARB BP, Tek Gear BPs, Tek Armor BPs, Tek or Platform Saddle BPs, 250 BBS

    Cave Drops:

    • All Ascendant Quality BPs
    • Includes Saddles, Tools, Weapons, Armor, Tek Gear


    Beaver Dams:

    • Very Boosted Regular Beaver Dam Items
    • Black Pearls, Mutagel, Polymer, Shards, Element, Paint, Kibble, 10-20 BBS
  • Boss Drops Include:

    • Easy - Trophy, 3 ARB BPs, 250 BBS, 5000 Element, 2000 ARB, 5000 Shards, 4 Random Ascendant BPs (Flak, Riot, Weapons, Tools, Tek)
    • Medium - Trophy, 5 ARB BPs, 500 BBS, 8000 Element, 4000 ARB, 8000 Shards, 8 Random Ascendant BPs (Flak, Riot, Weapons, Tools, Tek)
    • Hard - Trophy, 10 ARB BPs, 750 BBS, 10000 Element, 6000 ARB, 10000 Shards, 12 Random Ascendant BPs (Flak, Riot, Weapons, Tools, Tek)