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(PvE) Ark Survival Ascended 50x Boosted Cheapcraft Server Coding.

This code will work on Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch & PC through Nitrado or Gportal and can be used for a single server or for an entire cluster.


*This code is for ARK: Survival Ascended and WILL NOT work for Ark Survival Evolved!

*This code DOES NOT include custom loot drops.

You will recieve both the "GameUserSettings.ini" and "Game.ini" codes in a .ZIP folder. To access the codes, the files need to be extracted from the .ZIP folder. Open the text files to copy and Paste them directly into your Nitrado or Gportal server.


See our FAQ for tutorials on how to add the code, change from PvP to PvE, how to change your server name/admin password, remove meshed items and more.


All products are sold in $USD

ASA 50x PvE Boosted Cheapcraft Server (All Maps)



    • Taming Multiplier - 50X
    • XP Multiplier - 50X
    • Harvesting Multiplier - 50X
    • Turret Cap - 150
    • Tribe Size - 6
    • Number of Alliances - 2
    • Crop Growth Speed Multiplier - 25X
    • Custom Recipe Multiplier - 1.1X 
    • Difficulty - 5 (Official levels)
    • Fishing Loot Quality Multiplier - 1.1X
    • Hair Growth Speed Multiplier - 5X
    • Resource Respawn Period Muliplier - 0.5X
    • Item & Corpse Decomposition - 2X
    • Various Stack Size Mods


    • Anyone In Your Tribe Can Imprint
    • Mature Speed Multiplier - 122X
    • Baby Cuddle Grace Period Multiplier - 5X
    • Incubation Speed Multiplier - 75X
    • Mating Speed Multiplier - 25X
    • Mating Interval - 1.25 Hours to 3.2 Hours
    • Baby Dinos Rarely Eat

    (Rex will raise in 45 minutes with 2 imprints)